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adoptaBull Volunteer Application With Foster Supplement     (please note all questions with a red * require a response)
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Your Background *

Tell us about yourself and your interest in rescuing Bulldogs.

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Do you currently hols memberships with and Breed/Dog Clubs or animal welfare or animal rights groups? (please list)

Volunteer Goals *

Why are you interested in volunteering with adoptaBull and what do you hope to gain from the experience?

Previous Pet Surrender? *

Have you ever have to relinquish a personal pet to a rescue group or shelter?

Please Describe

If yes, please describe.

Past Rescue Work *

Have you ever volunteered with an animal rescue group before?

Current Rescue Work *

Are you currently volunteering with another Bulldog rescue organization?

Which Bulldog Group?

If yes, which Bulldog rescue group are you currently working with?

Continued Affiliation

Do you plan to leave your current affiliation with one of the above groups to work exclusively with adoptaBull?

Rescue Experience

Please describe you previous rescue experience (your role, like, dislikes, etc.)

Bulldog Experience *

Do you have experience owning English Bulldogs?

Bulldog Ownership *

How many English Bulldogs do you currently own?

Other Dogs *

How many other dogs do you currently own?

Medical Experience *

Please rate your experience handling the medical needs of English Bulldogs.

Behavioral Experience *

Please rate your experience with the behavioral needs of English Bulldogs.

Training Experience *

Please rate your experience with training English Bulldogs.

Multiple Dog Experience *

Please rate your experience managing multiple dogs in the same household.

Education Experience *

Please describe your experience with educating others about the English Bulldog breed.

Other Experience

Do you have any other experience you would like to share?

Free Time *

How much time per week are you willing to devote to rescue activities?

Special Skills

Please describe any special skills you can bring to our group.

Areas of Interest

Please indicate your areas of interest (mark all that apply)

Foster Interest *

Why do you want to foster an adoptaBull English Bulldog?

Foster Availability *

How long would you be able to foster a bulldog (on average). Please check all that apply.

Your Residence *


Stairs in Your Residence *

How many stairs are at your residence?

Pools & Ponds *

Does your residence have a pool or pond on the property?

If YES, please describe

If there is a pool or pond on your property, please describe including any safeguards and protection.

Outdoor Space *

Please describe the outdoor space at your residence.

Pet Door *

Does your home have a "doggy door" for free access to your outdoor space?

Your Family

How would you describe your household?

Adults *

How many adults live in your home?

Children *

How many children are regularly in your home (please include guests, visitation arrangements, etc.)

Children Age Ranges

What are the age ranges of the children in your home? (Please check all that apply)

Current Dog Sociability

Please describe your current dogs and their sociability with other dogs.

Foster Plan

Tell us about your plan to manage a foster bulldog in your home.

Time Away *

On a typical day, how long would a foster bulldog be alone in your home

Foster Types *

Please let us know your interest in fostering the following types of rescue bulldogs.

Separation *

Are you able to separate a foster bulldog from your current pets if required?


Some foster bulldogs are not perfect. Please indicate those behaviors you are NOT willing to tolerate and work on. (Please mark all that apply)

Other Comments

Please share anything else regarding you expectations of a foster eperience.

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