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New Adopter Web Application

adoptaBull Adoption Application   (all questions with a red * require a response)
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Applicant First Name *

Applicant Last Name *

Applicant Residence Address *

Applicant City *

Applicant State *

Applicant Zip Code *

Applicant Home Phone *

Applicant Mobile Phone

Applicant Primary Email Address *

Applicant Age *

Applicant Occupation *

Applicant Employer

Applicant Employer Address

Applicant Work Phone *

Applicant Income *

Applicant Remote Work Days *

Applicant Remote Workday Hours *

Applicant Non-Workday Hours *

Applicant Work Travel *

Please describe

Co-Applicant First Name

Co-Applicant Last Name

Co-Applicant Address Same?

Please explain

Co-Applicant Age

Co-Applicant/Applicant Relationship

Co-Applicant Years at Residence

Co-Applicant Occupation

Co-Applicant Employer

Co-Applicant Employer Address

Co-Applicant Work Phone

Co-Applicant Income

Co-Applicant Remote Work Days

Co-Applicant Remote Workday Hours

Co-Applicant Non-Workday Hours

Co-Applicant Work Travel

Household Members *

Child Visitors *

If yes, please describe

Responsible Party *

Allergies *

Adoption Support *

Dwelling Type *

Years at Current Residence *

Anticipated Residence Changes *

Pet Restrictions *

If yes, please describe restrictions

Residence Ownership *

If you rent, landlord details required

Yard Fencing/Exercise *

Exercise & Supervision *

Stairs *

Describe stairs

Pools or Ponds *

Describe water exposure

Home Air Conditioning *

Auto Air Conditioning *

Bulldog Daytime Space *

Bulldog Nightime Space *

Family Adjectives

Family Activity Level *

Budget *

Expected Life Changes

Adoption Readiness *

Family Schedule *

Animal Friendly Activities

Other Options *

Describe Other Options

Previous Dog Ownership *

Previous Bulldog Ownership *

Current Dogs *

Current Cats *

Other Pet Detail

Past Pet Detail

Past Surrender *

Describe Circumstances

Outside Dog *

Dog Bite *

Describe Bite Circumstances

Pet Sociability *

Previous Rescue Experience

Current Pet Care *


Veterinarian's Name

Vet Clinic Address

Vet Clinic City

Vet Clinic State

Vet Clinic Zip Code

Vet Clinic Phone Number

Adoption Goals *

Post Adoption Training *

House Training *

Health Issues *

Health Issue Description

Vacation Care *

Surrogate Care *

Emergency Care *

Crate Use *

Age Expectations *

Children Compatibility *

Other Dog Compatibility *

Special Care Expectations *

Care Expectations *

Training Expectations *

Your adoptaBull

Other adoptaBulls

Meeting Your adoptaBull *

Responsibility *

Spay/Neuter *

Closing Comments

Application Status *


All questions with a red * require a response.