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adoptaBull Adoption Application   (all questions with a red * require a response)
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Applicant First Name *

Applicant's first name.

Applicant Last Name *

Applicant's last name.

Applicant Residence Address *

Applicant's primary residence (no P.O. Box please)

Applicant City *

Applicant's city.

Applicant State *

Applicant's state

Applicant Zip Code *

Applicant's zip code.

Applicant Home Phone *

Please provide primary applicant's main phone number (home or mobile).

Applicant Mobile Phone

Please provide a secondary mobile number if applicable.

Applicant Primary Email Address *

Applicant's primary email address.

Applicant Age *

Primary applicant's age.

Applicant Occupation *

Applicant Employer

Applicant Employer Address

Applicant Work Phone *

Applicant Income *

Please provide applicant's annual income. Co-applicant's income will be asked for later.

Applicant Remote Work Days *

How many days per week does the applicant work away from the residence?

Applicant Remote Workday Hours *

When working remotely, what are the average number of hours the applicant is at work?

Applicant Non-Workday Hours *

Please describe your typical hours away from your home for activities and commitments other than your primary job.

Applicant Work Travel *

Does the primary applicant travel for work?

Please describe

If the primary applicant travels for work, please describe.

Co-Applicant First Name

If no co-applicant, please skip to Applicant Employment Information.

Co-Applicant Last Name

Co-Applicant Address Same?

Does the co-applicant reside at the same address as the primary applicant?

Please explain

If co-applicant does not reside with the primary applicant, please explain and provide co-applicant's complete residence address.

Co-Applicant Age

Co-Applicant/Applicant Relationship

Please describe the co-applicant's relationship to the primary applicant.

Co-Applicant Years at Residence

How long has co-applicant lived at this residence?

Co-Applicant Occupation

Co-Applicant Employer

Co-Applicant Employer Address

Co-Applicant Work Phone

Co-Applicant Income

Please provide co-applicant's annual income.

Co-Applicant Remote Work Days

Co-Applicant Remote Workday Hours

Please provide co-applicant's typical work schedule.

Co-Applicant Non-Workday Hours

Please describe co-applicant's typical hours away from the home for activities and commitments other than their primary job.

Co-Applicant Work Travel

Does the co-applicant travel for work?

Household Members *

Please list all household members other than the applicants above (include name, age and relationship)

Child Visitors *

Do children visit your home other than those included above?

If yes, please describe

If you answered yes above, please provide the children's ages, relationship and frequency of visits.

Responsible Party *

Who will be responsible for caring for the bulldog you plan to adopt?

Allergies *

Is anyone in the household or a regular visitor allergic to dogs?

Adoption Support *

Are all members of the household in favor of adopting a bulldog?

Dwelling Type *

Please describe your residence type.

Years at Current Residence *

How many years have you lived at this residence?

Anticipated Residence Changes *

Do you anticipate relocating within the next 12-24 months? Please describe and include complete details.

Pet Restrictions *

Are there any restrictions about the breed or number of dogs you can own in your building, development, homeowner association, village, city or township?

If yes, please describe restrictions

Residence Ownership *

Do you rent or own your residence? If you rent, we will have to contact your landlord to verify that you are permitted to have an additional pet in your residence.

If you rent, landlord details required

If you rent your residence, we will need complete contact information for your landlord including name, address, phone number and a contact person. Incomplete information will delay our abilitu to more forward with your application.

Yard Fencing/Exercise *

Do you have a fully fenced (wood, metal or vinyl construction 4 feet or higher) yard with locked gates? Invisible and electric fences are considered "no fence".

Exercise & Supervision *

Where will your bulldog be exercised, how often, and who will supervise him/her while outdoors?

Stairs *

Does your home have stairs that the bulldog will have to go up and down?

Describe stairs

If your home has stairs, please describe them as thoroughly as you can (location, number, open or closed tread, side walls, etc.).

Pools or Ponds *

Do you have a swimming pool, pond (including ornamental ponds), hot tub, lake, river, or any other body of water in or near your residence?

Describe water exposure

If you answered yes above to having a water exposure, please describe as completely as possible.

Home Air Conditioning *

Please select choice that best describes the air conditioning in your home.

Auto Air Conditioning *

Does your car have functioning air conditioing?

Bulldog Daytime Space *

Where will your bulldog stay during the day?

Bulldog Nightime Space *

Where will your bulldog stay at night?

Family Adjectives

What five words best describe your family?

Family Activity Level *

How would you describe the activity level of your home?

Budget *

Will owning a bulldog have an impact on your budget?

Expected Life Changes

Please describe any changes you expect in your household in the next few years (ie new children, job changes, moving, etc.).

Adoption Readiness *

How soon will you be ready to adopt a bulldog?

Family Schedule *

Are any family members at home during the day?

Animal Friendly Activities

Please describe any animal friendly activities you are currently involved with.

Other Options *

Are you currently working with any other rescue groups to adopt a dog or are you considering purchasing a dog?

Describe Other Options

If you answered Yes to working with other rescue groups or purchasing a dog, please describe.

Previous Dog Ownership *

Have you owned a dog on your own?

Previous Bulldog Ownership *

Have you ever owned a bulldog?

Current Dogs *

Do you currently own any dogs?

Current Cats *

Do you currently own any cats?

Other Pet Detail

Please list all pets (dogs, cats and others) that live in your home now including breed, age, gender and spayed/neutered.

Past Pet Detail

Other than those pets listed above, please describe pets that have lived in your home in the last 5 years and where are they now?

Past Surrender *

Have you ever given a pet to a rescue organization or animal shelter?

Describe Circumstances

If you had to give a pet to a rescue organization or animal shelter in the past, please describe the circumstances.

Outside Dog *

Have you ever had an "outside" dog?

Dog Bite *

Have you ever owned a dog that has bitten someone?

Describe Bite Circumstances

If you answered Yes above, please describe the circumstances of the dog bite.

Pet Sociability *

Do all of your current pets get along well with other animals?

Previous Rescue Experience

If you have adopted a rescue dog before, please provide details.

Current Pet Care *

Do all of your current pets receive regular veterinary care and are they up-to-date on vaccinations?


What heartworm preventative do you use?

Veterinarian's Name

Your vet will be contacted. Please give them permission to share your pet's information with us.

Vet Clinic Address

Vet Clinic City

Vet Clinic State

Vet Clinic Zip Code

Vet Clinic Phone Number

Adoption Goals *

Why do you want to adopt a bulldog?

Post Adoption Training *

How will you correct behavior problems?

House Training *

Do you understand that rescued bulldogs may have house training problems, especially at first?

Health Issues *

Are you familiar with common bulldog health problems?

Health Issue Description

Please describe those bulldog health issues you are familiar with.

Vacation Care *

Who will care for your bulldog during vacations or overnight trips?

Surrogate Care *

Can someone in the household provide daily care when the primary caregiver is away?

Emergency Care *

Please describe your emergency plans for your bulldog (after hours medical emergencies, care if you have to leave town suddenly, etc.)

Crate Use *

What do you feel is the proper use of crates or cages?

Age Expectations *

What bulldog are you willing to consider? (Please check all that apply)

Children Compatibility *

Must the bulldog be good with children?

Other Dog Compatibility *

Must the dog get along with other dogs in your household and/or with visiting dogs?

Special Care Expectations *

Are you willing to accept a bulldog needing additional care?

Care Expectations *

Please note all bulldogs require some daily care. Which of the care procedures listed above are you comfortable providing? (Please check all that apply)

Training Expectations *

What behaviors listed above are you willing/able to deal with?

Your adoptaBull

Is there an adoptaBull currently in our care that interests you most?

Other adoptaBulls

Are you willing to consider other adoptaBulls?

Meeting Your adoptaBull *

Can all household members travel to the rescue group to meet the adoptaBull being considered for your home (if necessary)?

Responsibility *

Are you willing to take responsibility for your adopted bulldog for its lifetime?

Spay/Neuter *

All bulldogs adopted through adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue will be spayed or neutered before placement. Do you have any questions or reservations about this policy?

Closing Comments

Please feel free to add any additional comments that will help us get to know you better when we are reviewing your adoption application.

Application Status *


All questions with a red * require a response.